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Measuring racism and discrimination against Asians in France

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    • Q1 - What is the difference between racist remarks, acts of racism and discrimination?

    • Q2 - What does the law say about racist speeches?

    • Q3 - What does the law say about racist physical violence?

    • Q4 - What is the difference between racism and discrimination? What does the law say about discrimination?

    • Q5 - I have been a victim of racism and / or discrimination and I wish to file a complaint, what should I do?



    Who are we ?

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    The project

    The decision to create this platform was based on the observation that very little incivility, micro-aggression, theft, discrimination, physical or moral violence against the Asian population of France lead to complaints. This has not only contributed to a feeling of impunity and incitement but also to the fact that the public authorities and institutions ignore this phenomenon and therefore take no action.

    To stop this vicious spiral, various reasons have been identified for this very low complaint rate: - fear of the police or the institution (school, business, etc.), - resignation, - the language barrier, - be treated poorly.

    This platform has two purposes: it helps you in filing your report or complaint process and helps to shed light on the phenomenon of racism against Asians in all its forms to better combat it!

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    The team

    Faced with theft, violence and racism targeting the most vulnerable in society and particularly Asian, our team which is made up of volunteers and anonymous activists from all walks of life joined to fight for justice and a peaceful life.

    From our shared experience, the team took the bull by the horns and launched various cultural, educational, media, legal actions, and in particular this support platform which wants to help in the fight against violence and racism.

    Active volunteers are anonymous, apolitical and wish to remain so to preserve the independence and moral integrity essential to the merits of our actions. We are completely open to welcoming new people who would like to get to know us better and become active member

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    Support us

    Solidarity is the first step towards recovery or resilience. We have brought together a community made up of professionals in health, law, social action, most often speaking an Asian language to support each victim in the most sensitive and appropriate way.

    The use of this platform will also help in the preparation of reports in order to sensitize the public authorities to invest in the protection of the most vulnerable. Fill two needs with one deed. Join us and participate in our project to increase the community’s solidarity and to work concretely in the fight against racism targeting Asians.