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Asian Racism Barometer

Measuring anti-Asian racism in France


The website acts as a barometer for racism and crimes against Asians, from micro-aggression to bullying and institutional discrimination. We must measure everything and not let anything pass by.

The anonymized information in accordance with the law of protection of personal data will make it possible to produce documented reports reflecting the hidden reality of the phenomenon of racism targeting Asians.

These reports will support our demands vis-à-vis the police, public authorities, administrations and even the courts of law, in order to demand a due and proportional response in the management of a multifaceted phenomenon that is too often underestimated or even ignored.

Our methodology

Witness, victim or close to a victim, you must file a complaint and our platform will support you in this process while enhancing our importance in the society.

1- Depending on who you are and your needs:

- Click on make a report to report any racist or discriminatory act.

- Click on complaint assistance to fill our form so as to help you prepare the right documentation to show to the police station nearest to you.

2- Fill out our form step by step.

3- You get a summary with the services and procedures recommended for your particular situation.

Your information remains completely anonymous in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data.